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Is Print Marketing Obsolete in a Digital Age?

Is Print Marketing Obsolete in a Digital Age? The rise of digital marketing has convinced some in the industry that print advertising is about as relevant as cassette tapes or VHS. A more appropriate comparison might be vinyl, however Vinyl had been consigned to music...

How to use print media to promote your website

Have you ever thought of using print media to promote your website? Once upon a time not that long ago it was left to expert marketing professionals to promote your business brand through newspapers, magazines, radio and even television. These days many SMEs rely on...

The print handbook gets a thumbs up from us!

Recommended: The Print Handbook Designing for print can be a tricky business. Matching what you see on screen to a commercially printed end product is never as simple as pressing the 'print' button. Even with graphic design training and years of printing experience,...

Printing bespoke scratch cards

We recently completed a bespoke scratch card job for a new client. They are a chain of breakfast cafes and have a new location opening soon. They were looking for a fun way to advertise the new restaurant to clients at their current locations. They planned to give the scratch cards to customers with their bills.

A visit to our printing production hub.

Last week, I took time out of my day to visit our printing production facilities. I began my tour at the printing plate making machine. This is where the artwork is etched onto metal sheets (or plates) ready to be loaded into the printing presses. These plate making...

Airbnb logo redesign

Airbnb logo redesign causes a stir online This week, the Airbnb logo redesign caused a huge stir online. Many commentators were suggesting that the logo represented female sexual organs, whilst others suggested it strongly resembled another companies branding,...

Self publishing – Is it the way forward?

Self-publishing is a something of a controversial subject among aspiring authors. Publishing your own work is always a risk, but historically, without the security net of a publishing house behind you to promote and defend your work, it can be an even more daunting...

Logo Embroidery: In your “FishFace”

Display your brand with logo embroidery We couldn't wait to share this project with you and demonstrate a logo embroidery project we recently completed. As well as the highest quality print, we can also supply logo embroidery for all your company garments. We put your...

Custom printed laser cut wedding invitations

Weddings. Expensive old things. I’m in the middle of planning mine (or ours, I should say) at the moment and it amazes me how much time and money it sucks up. However being in the business of print and design, the wedding invitations were something I couldn’t scrimp on. Taking inspiration from all over the place, I had managed to build up a vague picture of how I wanted it to look – in my head…

VAT on printing – Is my printing subject to VAT?

VAT on printing is determined by a set of factors The VAT on printing business changes according to some quite loosely termed rules from HMRC. Some printed matter are zero-rated VAT and others are not, but what's affected and what isn't? Having moved to the mainland...

Z fold leaflet printing

We’ve been working with Improve International for over 5 years, so when they recently branched out into the Southern hemisphere and decided to target a new market in Australia and New Zealand we were their first port of call for designing a new veterinary CPD brochure and organising the printing of the document for them.

What is lenticular printing?

Lenticular printing is a method of creating moving or 3D images from a flat 2D graphic (no glasses needed!). They were made popular in the cereal boxes of yesteryear, but are still used as a promotional marketing tool today by all kinds of industries. So how does it...

Artwork guide: presentation folders

It’s a Friday afternoon and one of our clients has placed an order for presentation folders. The email comes through with the artwork that they have created and… oh, it’s not in the right format for our production team and we have twenty minutes to fix it! At...

Proactive’s best things that happened in 2013…

With Christmas only 7 days away and the end of the year not far behind, the team at Proactive have reflected on their best bits of 2013… Cliff Two weeks in Thailand with the whole family to visit an old friend Seeing my two year old son in his tiny wetsuit on the...

A guide to moving offices for SMEs

Moving offices is a tricky, and often underrated, process during the relocation, up or downsize of your business. Once you have selected a location with great transport links, accessible parking, local amenities and a ‘pool’ of potential clients or employees, planning will be the key to how smooth and successful the move actually goes. Use the guide below in advance to ensure an (almost) stress free day.

Complete your festive printing now! Why wait?

I know we’ve only just started packing away our shorts and flip flops but you can never be too prepared for – I’ve got to say it, sorry – Christmas. Christmas can be an excellent time of year to reward your biggest clients whilst reminding the smaller ones of your existence and offering them an incentive to buy from you over the season. Below is a list of the top Festive printing and marketing ideas for your company this Christmas.



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