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How can you make the most of an upcoming national holiday or festive occasion in your marketing plan?

Well, most importantly, begin your planning early. Scratch cards take a minimum of 7 working days for our standard ranges (Regular and Super). So, get your calendar out and start planning now. There is nothing worse than having an amazing promotion idea for Valentine’s Day… that you only think of on February 12th.

Create a time-limited offer to encourage your clients to take part right away.

Use different mediums for your promotion. For example, if you are planning to give Scratch Cards to each customer, make sure that they know about it in advance, by displaying posters or banners and announcing the promotion across your social media sites. Download our FREE guide to learn more about how to promote your business with scratch cards.

Do you have any marketing that you would like to coincide with the next national holiday – why not incorporate scratch cards into your campaign? Give Proactive a call today and we’ll explain how we can help you make a creative impact.

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