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Spot uv business cards and silk leaflets

spot UV business cards

Sylvan Therapies required spot UV business cards and silk leaflets, to promote awareness of her hypnotherapy services.

We invited her to the Bournemouth design studio to review a range of samples. We had pre-selected the most suitable for her campaign and company, including our special offer products of the month.

Lynn particularly liked the feel of our 170gsm silk folded leaflets and our 400gsm, matt laminated & spot UV business cards – both of which were on a special promotion.

The business card artwork needed extra work to create the spot UV layer. The studio added the leaf motif in inDesign ensuring to add overprint to the layer to ensure correct printing of the spot UV.

Artwork was turned around and sent to print in 24hrs and the client received the print a few days later!

“Very pleased with my business cards and brochures. They have the professional appearance and quality that I wanted to promote my business. The staff (particularly Amy) were very friendly and helpful and I will certainly go back to them for my next print job. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Sylvan Therapies

Takeaway: This is the perfect way to use special print finishes when creating a spot UV business cards. We always recommend that you think outside the box when adding spot UV to your designs.

Here’s 4 tips to ensure you get the best results

  • Don’t add UV highlights to text: It’s usually very thin and any misalignment during printing will result in a shadow effect and potentially an expensive reprint if you (or your client) are not happy with the result. Note: Printing tolerances vary between printing companies, but 2mm is a standard allowance of tolerance, so think carefully before apply spot UV to any text.
  • Try using larger spot UV designs to create a pattern: this is more interesting for the viewer and will always produce a stronger contrast than trying to line up gloss highlights with graphics in your artwork.
  • Spot UV works best when applied over the top of a matt laminate. It is possible to apply gloss highlights to an un-laminated surface, but there is less contrast and the effect is much lessened.
  • Use the spot UV highlights in reverse: For an alternative effect think about how you can utilise the matt laminate to create matt highlights. Make a full layer of gloss UV then remove sections from the layer to expose the matt laminate below.

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