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When we talk about franchises, it generally makes us think of those huge American food retailers such as McDonalds, Subway or Starbucks. However, in the last four years the UK franchise industry has grown by a incredible 10%, meaning the franchise industry now contributes over £15 billion pounds to the UK economy.

Research has found that the UK Franchise Industry is remarkably recession proof.  This growth has been beneficial to our local economies with over 44,000 franchises operating across our high streets, which provide employment to an incredible 621,000 people.

The right Franchise can be a secure and reliable way to transform your work/life balance with 50% of people choosing to own their own franchise business rather than struggling to think of their own idea, often a more risky alternative.

With UK franchise growth now at a record high, many franchisors are considering extending the reach of their franchise business overseas.

In this infographic we look at the positive impact franchise businesses are having on the economy, as well as the individuals running them. 

UK Franchise Industry

We help UK franchise industry leaders grow their franchise businesses

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