Your easy to use promotional scratch card guide

Ever gone into a local shop for a carton of milk and come away with milk plus a scratch card?

No one can resist the lure of a scratch card.

Here in the UK, the National Lottery run a number of scratch card games with prizes running from £12,000 up to £4 million.  And while businesses can’t compete with this level of prizes, promotional scratch card printing can be a great marketing tool to engage with new and existing customers. If you are about to design a new scratch card campaign for your company then you need to read our promotional scratch card guide on our dedicated scratch card printing website;

Print Scratch Cards is a Proactive company based in the UK. The marketing department are able to quote for and design a wide range of different scratch card sizes and quantities.

If you are thinking about running your own scratch card campaign this promotional scratch card guide will help you to get started.

Contact the team today – they can help you build an effective scratch card campaign follow the link to get started and download the guide.

Scratch Card Printing Guide

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