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Direct mail case study: Peel and reveal technology

The brief:

Produce a direct mail piece to increase engagement and drive traffic to a website where they could enjoy a free trial in an online game.

The solution:

Working with the client we incorporated a peel & reveal sticker into a letter, folded and enclosed into a C5 window envelope.

The peel & reveal sticker was positioned to cover an access code which the client entered online to play the game.

The security of the access code wasn’t an issue with this campaign, but to create the impression that this was an important document the stickers were printed with a confusion pattern (the kind you might see on the package your bank sends with your new PIN number):

Direct mail case study: Peel & Reveal design

The stickers were affixed by machine to letters that were printed in full colour and then personalised in black.

So, how do you make a peel-able sticker for standard letterhead stock? If you stick a normal sticker to uncoated paper it’ll tear when you try and remove it. Trust me.

To solve this issue we created a two part sticker with a clear base layer and a white top layer. The top layer was printed with a single Pantone colour, but could just have easily been full colour. For high security applications the top section would a layer of black to ensure no show-through.

To add to the ‘official’ appearance of the pack, the C5 window envelope was printed in black with the Air Mail mark and first class PPI but didn’t include any marketing messages.

The stickers are affixed to the letter by machine (you try sticking thousands of stickers by hand and getting them straight!) which means that although there are lots of processes involved, at higher quantities these letters become extremely cost-effective.

For lower quantities, the letters can be produced digitally to keep unit costs down – but the same principles with the two-part peel-able sticker still apply.

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