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How can your franchise save money?

Cliff gives you some top advice in this open letter to franchise and multisite business managers.

Dear [ insert your name here ],

Do you have a franchise or multi-site business in the UK?

Do you identify with any of these common issues many businesses face with multiple office or store locations?

  • High print costs
  • Brand inconsistencies
  • Lack of time
  • Poor communication
  • Slow implementation of marketing campaigns
  • Lack of creativity in marketing campaigns
  • Losing sales

If you identify with any of these points, you should download our whitepaper; 13 ways a simple web-to-print system can increase your sales and profit. 

In this whitepaper we look at ways to streamline your processes while maintaining or improving your quality of marketing with a branded web-to-print system. With our report you can also discover ways to iron-out inefficiencies that usually come as a by-product of growth.

Learn how Proactives’ web-to-print systems have transformed this client’s business :

‘We have 50+ clinics, who used to either create their own marketing literature for their local events which often wasn’t strictly within brand guidelines, or they would ask their marketing team to do it.
Because of the workload in marketing, the production of bespoke literature could never be immediate.
Working alongside Proactive, we now have adaptable online templates, so our staff can go online and input the relevant details and either download a PDF almost instantly and also order business cards and other bespoke literature which is printed and sent to them within a few days. Not only has this system empowered the clinic staff and made organising their events so much easier, but it has also saved marketing time, ensured that the branding is consistent and saved the company money.’
Nicki Daw, Vets Now,

If you want to learn more about how our online brand management system can increase your sales and profit, book a free, no obligation consultation. Normally a quick call is enough to help identify the areas where there are quick-wins for your business – but we can spend as much time as you like and I’ll answer any questions you and your team have.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,

Franchise Save Money

Cliff Lay

PS remember to download our guide – it’s packed full of tips that could make a huge different to the future of your business!

Proactive Direct Marketing Experts Cliff Lay

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