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Can I use Microsoft Publisher to supply my artwork?

The simple answer is no, or we’d prefer you didn’t – read this informative blog post on MS Publisher to see why.

What’s your standard turn around time?

There’s no straight to answer to this one. The turn around time of any item will depend on a number of factors such as; the print specification, how it’s being printed and ultimately when you need it for. We produce a range of ‘standard’ products on fixed turnaround times (most 3-5 working days), and these can often be expressed if required. More bespoke products can vary from as little as 1 or 2 days, up to a couple of weeks. If you’re in a rush, let us know as early as possible and we’ll do what we can to help – it’s our speciality!

Do you work with companies outside of the UK?

Yes we do. However, we generally only send print from the UK to UK businesses. With franchise clients who have offices in Europe and other global locations we will organise print to be delivered to them but this is usually due to the higher volume required by that customer.

Every circumstance differs, so we will quickly let you know if we are able to work with you.

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