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Printing presentation folders could help you to hook your next customer

Making a good first impression is a cliché, isn’t it? Printing presentation folders as part of your marketing arsenal could be a quick win when it comes to making the right initial impression.

Don’t spend time grooming a client with words and rhetoric and then hand them with an inferior presentation folder or company brochure that doesn’t back up your sales patter.

Whether you’re mailing your latest brochure or leaving company information behind after a meeting, the way your information is presented makes a huge difference to the way your companies services and products are perceived.

Proactive truly believe that the quality of your print and the presentation of your marketing materials will make or break your sales pitch and presentation folders are in our opinion the ideal way to present any documents you want your customers to see.

Several factors will make an immediate impression upon your desired viewer: Graphic Design, quality, and innovation.

Let’s look briefly at these individual aspects:


Hit them hard with a design that is professionally designed, not something you knocked up in MS Publisher (read why not to use MS Publisher)!

Designers have the creativity to think a design through and see your company in a different light. This will always give you the edge over designs you create yourself, and you may (almost certainly) be surprised at what you can achieve if you have a realistic budget in place. A good graphic designer will work with you and manage your budget expectations from the outset, so there are no nasty ‘invoice’ surprises at the end of a project.


How does it feel in your hands? If it feels cheap then that will be be the first impression! Don’t skimp when it comes to final finish!

We take pride in the products we produce for our customers, inferior print is not acceptable. To ensure you get the best results when printing presentation folders, create your artwork with vector graphics where possible for logos and illustrations. Use hi-res(600dpi) images for photos, and ideally use tiff files with no compression.

Also, remember to make sure everything is CMYK before you save your final document as a PDF file. This is really important when you are sending artwork to a commercial printing company

Ensure the printing company you choose is using the finest print screen they can for your print job – this will give your print an exceptional, detailed finish – most notable on images. A fine screen helps to reduce the Moiré pattern or ‘ringing effect’ that you may have seen in inferior printed materials.

Even if your artwork is tip-top, if your chosen printing company is not keeping an eye on the detail you will be disappointed in the final outcome. So get samples!


We hold a variation of ‘stock’ cutters that allow us to reproduce the same quality time after time, so when it comes to reordering your folders you know they will be exactly the same each time. However designing a new folder cutter for your project is great way to sell your business – if your customer’s think you care enough about your own brand ideals then they will have faith that your company will have the same consideration when you deal with them.

Finally… use different finishes to showcase your company. Spot UV is a brilliant way to get creative and give a different texture to your finished product, combined with matt lamination it is a winning combination that will draw a discussion every time!

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