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With current squeezes on corporate budgets, printing presentation folders can be a much more cost-effective way to present your marketing message than a corporate brochure.

Infinitely more flexible, when you print presentation folders you can fulfill a number of different functions. Below is a brief look at some of the benefits of printing presentation folders for your business:

Business Identity

Custom designed and printed folders are a great boost to your business identity. They make your business look more organised and professional.

First Impressions:

If you send company information (price lists, marketing etc) in the post to your prospects and customers how does it look when it arrives? Dog-eared and battered because it’s been abused in the postal system? Or pristine and ready for business?

Meetings and Presentations:

Personalised folders are an essential part of a business presentation. When you leave your documentation at the end of a meeting, put it in a folder that reinforces that you are the right person / company to do business with.

Cost-effective Advertising:

Printed folders are among the least-cost modes of advertising. Your business will only incur a one-off cost, for design and printing.

Personalised Touch:

Printing folders will give your business the opportunity to showcase your style and taste. When a prospect picks up your folder or brochure, what does it tell them about you? That you take care in everything you do, and that your prices are entirely justified? Or that you cut corners wherever possible, and if you cut corners and produce sub-standard marketing – where else are you falling below the required standard?


It’s important that you talk to your prospects and customers in a consistent tone. This applies not only to what you say, but everything you write, and every marketing message you put out there – which includes your presentation folders. Aside from being useful when it comes to organising and carrying business documents and other material, they create a sense of uniformity.


Printed folders make great handouts during trade shows, in order to spread your business advertising material. You can use the folders to package your brochures, inserts, leaflets and other material, which you can then hand out to potential clients.

Multimedia Kits:

Presentation folders may be customised and turned into great multimedia kits, to carry not only your brochure / product information / spec sheets, but also CDs, DVDs etc

Personal Messenger:

Your custom printed folders may also act as your personal messenger. Anyone who carries your pocket folders will unknowingly, assist you in spreading your message.

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