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Cat hotel website gets great new look for Fulham vet practice

Cat hotel and vet practice website design - home page
Cat hotel website design - Main cat hotel page
Cat hotel website design - book a viewing page
Cat hotel and vet practice website design - Vet news page
Cat hotel and vet practice website design - Healthy pet club page
Cat hotel and vet practice website design - Reservations page
Cat hotel and vet practice website design - Contact page

Project detail

www.PawsInc.co.uk consisted of three main areas Paws in Dawes, Paws on the Green and The Pawchester cat hotel website. Each section of the site had it’s own convoluted menu system. It was complicated and left the user stranded in each section. Further issues were created when the the Paws on the Green branch was closed, this meant that once these pages had been removed, nested content became lost and undiscoverable except via the huge sitemap.

The original site was outdated, non-responsive and unattractive to look at, with no clear marketing objectives.

Proactive took the old content and restructured the entire site, combining content where appropriate and removing unnecessary pages. We added a booking and reservations plugin to show the various types of accommodation available within the cat hotel website section.

One of the main issues with the original website was the lack of good photography. We organised for a photographer to visit the vet practice in Fulham and take some professional images of the staff, the various areas in the practice and the Pawchester cat hotel. As you can see this has made a huge difference to the final look and feel of the new site. We can’t emphasise enough the need for good photography when creating a new business website.

You can see a full gallery of this fulham vet clinic images on the new website.

Best practice SEO is working well for this cat hotel website

As with all of websites we design we dedicated a good portion of time to on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Ensuring all pages were furnished with a a good relevant keyword, an engaging description – that included the keyword, and correctly sized images for sharing across social network platforms.

The results are immediate and have had a great impact on search results for our suggested keywords. Search for ‘fulham vet‘ or ‘vet in fulham‘ and you will find Paws Inc in position 1 in the natural google search results and also in position 1 in the map search above.

If you search for ‘cat hotel fulham‘ google displays the Pawchester cat hotel website in the first 3 natural search results – this is a perfect result for us. A slightly more generic term of ‘cat hotel london‘ delivers a first place result within the map section, but a second page result in the natural search.

The benefits of our ongoing ‘concierge’ service

We’ve demonstrated how we’ve taken this veterinary practice and cat hotel website and turned it on it’s head to ensure it is a pleasure for the end user to navigate but also that they can find it in the search engines. But, our relationship with this client does not stop here.

Paws Inc have opted to use our concierge package which gives them the a whole host of benefits.

These include:

  • Guaranteed studio time for adding new content
  • Tweaking on-page SEO
  • Ensuring the site is functioning correctly and that all plugins and themes are kept updated


Fulham vet clinic and cat hotel website

Url: www.pawsinc.co.uk

Vets website design features

  • Responsive design
  • Search engine optimised
  • Google Analytics
  • Hotel Reservation Platform
  • Photo Galleries
  • Intelligent Contact Forms
  • Facebook Feed
  • Custom Google map
  • Mailchimp email integration
  • Search facility
  • Blog / News Section
  • User friendly content management system

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