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Project management company website for Aura

Project management company website: Home page
Project management company website: Project management page
Project management company website: Consultancy project page
Project management company website: Clients page
Project management company website: Contact page
Project management company website: Example project page

Project detail

Aura Consulting have been working with Jon Orpwood, our senior designer and studio manager since 2001 and with Proactive Marketing since 2007. Collectively we have seen Aura through two rebrands, three website designs and numerous corporate brochures prior to this, their latest project management company website.

Aura’s website and branding has evolved with technology over the past 15 years. It was agreed in August 2016 that the current website required a serious update to bring it in line with competitors and most importantly that it was designed on a responsive platform and worked on a tablet, mobile phone and desktop application.

Website evolution




We based the new visual style for the website around the project photography they already have. Aura already had some amazing projects and project images so this made the build much easier as we could let the pictures tell the Aura story.

As with any new website build their were a number of house keeping exercises to complete such as basic search engine optimisation (SEO) and redirection of all indexed pages to the most relevant pages on the new website. We built this website on a wordpress platform, so plugins such as ‘wp-redirection’ make the process straightforward and allow you to monitor any problem links that might produce 404 errors because they can no longer be found on the new site.

For the on-page SEO, we spent time researching relevant keywords for each individual page, project and post, generating an inspiring title, description and featured image which all contained the pages keyword. This seemed to generate an almost immediate jump in search engine results bringing the home page onto page one, position four for “project management company” and page one, position two for “project management company london“.

google position - project management company london
google position - project management company

Update: 31st March 2017 – Page one, position one!

As part of our ongoing monthly concierge package, we’ve been constantly adjusting the SEO of the pages to help improve the search results position. “project management company” currently returns a result of page one, position three and page one, position one for “project management company london“. High five! We’ll continue to work on the SEO for Aura’s project management company website and keep you posted as the position changes.

google position - project management company london - project management company website
google position - project management company website

Project management website design features

  • Responsive design
  • Search engine optimised
  • Google Analytics
  • Project showcase and individual project pages
  • Custom stylised google map
  • Sliding testimonials
  • Contact form
  • Mailchimp email integration
  • Search facility
  • User friendly content management system

Project Lookbook

Aura wanted to showcase a selection of their more recent projects in a ‘Lookbook’ and include it on the website, and to email out to clients. During the website build we also designed a Lookbook which was made available as a PDF download on their site.

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