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Case bound, hardback, digital sales brochure

Project detail

This hardback sales brochure was required in super quick time by our client Staycation Lodges.

We’d already begun to build a website for them and had created a branding style based on the logo they had supplied. But, due to an onsite sales presentation being scheduled for two weeks time, we needed to not only design a new brochure format, but print and deliver earlier so that the sales reps would have a working document to improvise with whilst they were training.

We knew that the perfect bound brochure would take at least 7 days to produce, so printed a temporary digital version , but with a wiro-bound binding with 250gsm pages and a 350gsm cover. This was printed and delivered in 48 hrs and meant the company could continue with their sales training whilst the website was finalised and the hardback sales brochure was produced.

The result was fantastic, the perfect bound hardback sales brochure made a really amazing statement due to its A3 size and quality.

It was well received by our client and their customers alike.


  • 36pp case bound brochure (28pp + 4pp Colorplan end pages + 4pp cover)
  • Qty printed = 200
  • Full CMYK throughout
  • Lithographic printed front covers + digital pages
  • A3 landscape
  • Hardback cover
  • Printed Colorplan 135gsm endpapers
  • Cover: 150gsm paper over board + gloss laminate
  • Pages: 200gsm silk

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