 01202 315 333 41 You do get value. You get the benefit of our experience – often at little or no cost. You get the security of knowing we treat your money as carefully as we would our own. You get these three promises from me, personally: 1. If we say we’re going to do something by a certain time, we’ll get it done. In most cases we’ll try to do it sooner – but you can rely on the fact that if we’ve said we’ll do something, we will. 2. If we say something’s going to be despatched at a certain time, that’s when we’ll send it. 3. If we say it’s going to cost a certain amount – that’s what it will cost. If, during the course of a project something changes which may impact on the final cost, we will let you know and get your approval before continuing. You will never get an invoice from us with unexplained costs. If you ever feel as though we’ve fallen short of these promises, please call 01202 315 333 and ask to speak to me. I take these promises seriously.