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With so much attention being paid to the ever-changing world of technology and the digital era, online marketing can demand so much of your attention just to keep up. However, it is important not to overlook the proven, established marketing methods that can boost your business in 2012.

PrintWeek have recently published an article which reinforces the importance of print in its various forms. By detailing examples of successful print campaigns – including direct mail, posters and how re-branding through effective design can refresh your corporate image, there are some useful insights shown by statistics and interviews that point to the fact print will continue to be a crucial marketing tool in 2012.

What is particularly interesting is the viewpoint that print is essential to support/initiate an online campaign. It goes to show that as we reach the end of 2011, it is important to remember to budget and plan all aspects of your campaigns in the year ahead, and place equal value on both print and digital marketing tools.


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