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thewave-scratchcardWith the spring trade show season approaching, it’s time to start planning how your exhibition stand will attract attention. Your prospects will be navigating a maze of flashy advertising, sales pitches and complimentary chocolates – so what can you offer that’s innovative and intriguing? Printed scratch cards may be the answer. Using a professional printers to print scratch cards for your company’s promotions is a unique way to attract footfalls to your stand and keep prospects excited – even after the show closes.

Print Scratch Cards to Increase Interaction Between You and Your Customers

Walk-on and walk-through exhibition stands quickly turn into walk-by advertising if potential customers aren’t given a good reason to pause. Scratch cards are a great way to increase the excitement level around your stand, encouraging traffic to stop and spend time learning about your scratch card offer – and your company. One key message your company sends with a well-managed scratch card campaign is that your company values its customers by offering prizes that are meaningful to them, whether that’s giveaways or a free trial of your products and or services or something else that you feel your ideal customer would value.

Print Scratch Cards to Expedite Buying Cycles

One drawback to trade shows is that results often aren’t immediate. Engaging a company to print scratch cards for your promotion can increase early results because once a prospect receives a scratch card, they want to know if they’ve won right away; you then have a warm prospect who will listen to what you have to say. Your company can also capture leads by asking prospects to fill out a form printed on the card back with their contact information. When we print scratch cards for clients, we often recommend including a “second chance” prize draw to increase participation.

Print Scratch Cards For Your Next Exhibition

With all that you’ve invested in your exhibition stand, you want to make sure that you see results. Bespoke scratch cards will encourage interest about your company and its offers while maintaining your professional image. If you are considering engaging a printers to print scratch cards for your company, Proactive offers exceptional guidance and support from the concept stage to final printing.


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