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Direct marketing tip: Should I be using QR codes?

Possibly... What's your call-to-action? What do you want people to do as a result of seeing your marketing materials? What are you selling? To whom? If a QR code makes it easier for your prospect to do the thing you want them to do, you should include it. For example,...

5 ways to work better with your graphic designer

If your business outsources or is considering outsourcing your graphic design, these 5 tips should help you to get the most from your relationship and avoid frustrating (and costly) mis-communication: 1. Build a partnership One of the first things to realise with a...

Scratch card campaign tips: 5 things every marketer ought to know about printing scratch cards

As you may have already discovered, printing scratch cards can be a bit more complicated than your everyday marketing challenge.

For starters, you’ll have more to think about in advance in order to be able to confirm costs. This quick list should set you on the right path and help you get up to speed in the fastest possible time. It might also be the fastest way to help you decide that printing scratch cards just isn’t right for you – but if that’s the case at least you can make that decision quickly and move on with your next project.

5 tips for outsourcing graphic design

Outsourcing your graphic design can benefit your company by freeing up your time for other business tasks and ensuring a cohesive marketing message. Perhaps because graphic design is often outsourced, many graphic designers work on a freelance basis, which can make finding the right designer a tricky exercise. Here are five things to look for when outsourcing your graphic design.

5 reasons you shouldn’t try and do your own graphic design

We’ve mentioned it before, but we believe that for clients to make the most of their marketing budget, design should only be attempted by professional graphic designers. Poorly designed materials can break a marketing campaign from the start. Let’s review the top five reasons that attempting design without professional guidance is a false economy.

In business everyone wins with scratch card printing

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to engage your customers and make the most of your marketing budget, hiring a printer to print scratch cards to promote awareness and involvement with your brand may be an option. Scratch cards are easy to integrate with existing promotions or can be used as a promotion on their own. The instant results of a scratch card have customers and prospects excited about you and your offers before they walk away, expanding your company’s reach and creating sales.

Exhibitions, trade shows and scratch cards – a winning combination

With the spring trade show season approaching, it’s time to start planning how your exhibition stand will attract attention. Your prospects will be navigating a maze of flashy advertising, sales pitches and complimentary chocolates – so what can you offer that’s innovative and intriguing? Printed scratch cards may be the answer. Using a professional printers to print scratch cards for your company’s promotions is a unique way to attract footfalls to your stand and keep prospects excited – even after the show closes.

How to brief a graphic designer – 6 easy steps

A graphic designer’s goal is to provide clients with marketing that materials that get results while working within budget and deadline. To do this, graphic designers need as much familiarity as possible with their clients’ goals and expectations, obtained through a...

Printed presentation folders: First impressions last!

In the battle for customer attention, would-be customers must be impressed by you, your company and what you have to say. Customers form their opinions in a split second and often without conscious effort, so from the outset everything you do and say must demonstrate your commitment to being the best that you can. One of the most cost-effective ways to make that good first impression is by printing presentation folders.

11 tips for printing envelopes

1) Wallet or pocket? All envelopes are split into either wallets or pockets. Put simply, wallets open on the long edge and pockets on the short edge. 2) What size? Envelopes are measured in ‘C’ sizes that correspond to the standard ‘A’ sizes for paper. So a C5...

Why designing in microsoft publisher will cost you money

We get lots of calls from new clients asking for a print quote, saying they are able to provide a print-ready file. Further down the line, when we’re ready to jump to action and they’ve left it until the last minute to send their artwork, we hear the dreaded words “I’ve designed my project in Microsoft Publisher, is that ok?” If you fall into this category, please bear in mind the following:



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