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outsourcing graphic design

outsourcing graphic design

Outsourcing graphic design…

Free up your companies time for other business tasks and ensuring a cohesive marketing message by outsourcing graphic design to another company or design agency. Perhaps because graphic design is often outsourced, many graphic designers work on a freelance basis, which can make finding the right designer a tricky exercise. Here are five things to look for when outsourcing graphic design.

1. Experience And Education

A graphic designer with experience from a number of successful projects will probably be able to accomplish more for your business than a designer just finishing their education. A practical working knowledge of creating files for print production is worth more to you than a degree in graphic design. Can your designer provide references? Can you read testimonials from previous clients?

2. Availability For Your Needs

Ask graphic designers how much time they have for your projects both short and long term. This is of less concern for graphic design houses, but when you are starting a relationship with any kind of designer, you want to be sure that they can finish your initial artwork on time and be available for future work if you wish to continue with them.

3. Skills that Match Your Marketing Approach

Ensure that the graphic designers you contact have the skills and style to create the type of designs that you’re looking for. A designer who specialises in cutting edge youth culture might not be a good match for a traditional company. A designer with a well-rounded portfolio might be more capable at adapting their style to suit your requirements.

4. Partner with a Design Agency

There are many benefits to partnering with a graphic design agency as opposed to a freelance designer. Agencies will can ensure that there is always someone available to work on your projects, or at the very least be able to allocate resources to deal with urgent requests. Additionally, the agency can work with you to create style sheets with your company’s needs and expectations, ensuring any designer working on your projects can produce work which ‘fits’ with your corporate style.

5. Consider Printing Relationships

Graphic designers often have great relationships with reliable printing companies. This provides value as they can design your artwork to spec the first time, every time, reducing unanticipated costs and reliably providing top quality work – often for less than you budgeted. Try to select a designer who has a strong relationship with a quality printers.


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