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apple-orangeOccasionally, businesses without design experience attempt to design marketing materials on their own – and meet with disaster when the resulting printed materials are not up to standard due to design errors, causing time and money to be lost. These businesses learn the hard way that good graphic design is more than just ink on paper. Here are five additional reasons you should be using a graphic designer for your marketing.

1. Graphic Designers Save You Time (And Money)

Graphic designers have deep knowledge of design software and standards. They can turn around your project far quicker than if your company tried to learn graphic design on its own, while avoiding the risk of expensive printing mistakes. Graphic designers also save time by doing early-stage concept work, developing your company’s marketing ideas into something tangible.

2. Graphic Designers Know the Industry

The design industry is constantly changing. As new technologies develop the range of printing options available expands, impacting everything from ink to finishing choices – sometimes rendering the previous top technology more cost-effective. A graphic designer can walk you through the options before you commit.

3. Graphic Designers Keep You Up-To-Date

Have you ever received a business card or direct mail piece and wondered in which decade it was printed? You don’t want customers to think your marketing materials have been passed down through generations – design trends are constantly changing and consumers are well attuned to what’s hot and what’s not. As well as monitoring trends, a good graphic designer will be careful to ensure that the appearance of your marketing suits your business and stop you from flitting from one fad to the next.

4. Graphic Designers Help Build Your Brand

Using a graphic designer will keep your brand on-message. Graphic designers understand how to adjust logos, fonts, and imaging according to the printing size and application while maintaining brand cohesion. They also know industry processes so that pieces submitted to the printers will come out as expected, ensuring your company’s brand is professional while standing out from the crowd.

5. Graphic Designers Provide Peace of Mind

Companies using a graphic designer for their marketing recognise that design is not their core business. By outsourcing to a competent designer they are free to focus on what they do best. No more frustrations when their print goes wrong, no more wasted time, no more amateur marketing materials… just peace of mind.


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