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If you’re in business, and your business relies on convincing prospects to buy a product or service, you’ll need a graphic designer on board. If you’re not a graphic designer yourself, you’ll make better use of your time focusing on what you’re good at rather than trying to create a design of your own. It’ll look like it was done by an amateur, and you want your prospects to see you as a professional.

A good graphic designer does more than design your logo. They also:

  • Help you to create a consistent visual identity for your business
  • Help you stand out in the marketplace
  • Encourage you to focus on the purpose of your marketing.

While there are thousands of graphic designers to choose from, if you want to find the best for your business, look for these three things:

1. Testimonials

If you don’t know someone that can personally recommend a designer that has done a fantastic job for them, you’re going to be recruiting from a pool of people that you don’t know anything about.

If you’re looking online, check for testimonials from previous / existing clients. Testimonials published on a third party website are good, because it’s possible they’re more independent and have not been edited.

Watch out for testimonials on a supplier’s own website which lack detail. Ideally the testimonial will say which company the client works for, what the company did for them, and how pleased / unhappy the client was with the results.

2. Relevant Experience

The number of online portfolios is endless, and you can’t review them all. But you can find the right designer by narrowing your search to those that have worked in your industry creating the types of marketing materials you need.

For instance, if you’re a law firm that wants a logo, look for designers that can demonstrate their skill in developing logos for professional firms. But remember – experience is important, but so is creativity. Find someone that also brings new ideas that will make your business stand out.

3. Geography

Times have changed. You no longer need a graphic designer in the same town as you, unless you’re the kind of person that really wants to sit face-to-face with the person you’re working with (and prepare to pay more for that level of service).

Designers all over the UK will be able to provide emailed proofs, remote viewer sessions – any number of online tools to reduce the time it takes to complete your project as efficiently as possible.

Find a designer with the capability to share and deliver documents electronically.  You’ll be able to discuss, revise, and sign off on the design from wherever you are, at your convenience.

4. Be Brave

Above all, just be brave and make a start. The businesses that succeed and grow are those that roll up their sleeves and do something. Anything. You won’t know what works until you start finding out what doesn’t.

Good luck, and if you would like a no-obligation chat with one of our team about a design or marketing problem that’s bothering you – give us a call!

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